SEF Vision - houtopdruk inspectie 2ToolAnalyze Clone Clone Clone
132 samples, 58 trainedDate21-3-2017





Shows the normalized distribution of the deviation for bad and good images. Ideally, theses two curves should not be crossing. The green line represents the threshold below which a piece will be considered as good. On the opposite the red line represents the threshold above which a piece will be considered as bad. In between those lines is a grey zone, in which the pieces will be considered as intermediate

ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic)

Shows the separation of the classes for all possible thresholds. One can take a point on the blue line and read the corresponding true positive on the left of the graph (a defected view where the system found a defect, ideally 100%); and false positive rate on the bottom of the graph (a non defected view where the system found a defect, ideally 0%). The AUC (Area Under Curve) value summaries this curve whereas the maximum of 1.00 corresponds to a perfect classifier.
∅ processing time 61,1 ± 4,6 msec

(move the mouse over the marking to get detailed info, click on the images to hide/show the marking)

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